Quality, Environment & Sustainability

Our values ​​give us a commitment to quality, the environment and sustainability. We are constantly making improvements to increase our competitiveness.

Quality & Environment

PVI Segerström is certified according to ISO 9001, IATF:16949 and ISO 14001.

These standards are self-evident to us and we work continuously with continuous improvements to maintain the level our stakeholders and customers demand.

In our product development, we ensure that the right methods are applied and that the environmental impact is as small as possible.

We follow up our processes with daily management, internal audits and through open communication with our employees. We also make sure to continuously train our staff so that we always have the required skills.

We believe in good cooperation with both customers and suppliers so that together we can achieve the best quality with regard to both the product and the environment.


Reduce climate footprint

As part of our work, we constantly strive to reduce our climate footprint and make our production sustainable.

But it's not just about reducing emissions and electricity consumption internally, it's just as much about using sustainable supplies and planning transport to have as little climate impact as possible. Our One Stop Shop production is a step in removing unnecessary transport as we want to be able to offer everything in one place. In our business, we constantly work to contribute to the preservation of natural resources and to protect our environment.

Continuous development

For us to succeed in our work with a reduced climate footprint and less impact on our environment, development is required.

We continuously ensure that both our personnel and our processes are developed in order to contribute to joint environmental work.

With knowledge, control and joint work with both customers and suppliers, our goal is that both the company, our customers and our environment will benefit from our sustainability approach.

To reach our goal, we measure energy consumption, work strategically with transport and train our staff.

Together we can make a difference!

Our main processes are sheet metal forming, welding and surface treatment. Through entrepreneurship and a close collaboration between technology, tool manufacturers, production and other partners, we build quality-assured and efficient production systems.

Through our breadth and deep competence within the entire processing chain, we can offer customers good technical solutions and competitive prices.

Quality policy

Quality is a word that should be associated with us. We must constantly work to meet and exceed our stakeholders' demands and expectations. With the work we do by constantly developing and working on improvements, we must always be the obvious choice for our customers and stakeholders. With us, all employees are responsible for quality.

The watchword in the daily work is: Right from me.

Environmental policy

At PVI Segerström, we follow legislation, rules and work with improvements to reduce or prevent our environmental impact.
This is done through continuous development of our staff and our processes. We monitor our emissions to water and air. We recycle our residual products and sort our waste. We monitor our energy consumption. Here we work together with environmental responsibility and sustainability so that natural resources are preserved and the environment is protected.

The watchword here is: A greener factory and surroundings.

PVI Segerström are certified according to ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and IATF 16949